Nancy Drew, who are you?


Can someone knowledgeable please explain this Nancy Drew thing to me? Why is there a fandom? Last I knew she was a popular literary figure occasionally spoofed in Kate Beaton’s comics and made into a silly film starring Emma Roberts. What am I missing out on here?

Well first, it’s a book series so it can definitely have a fandom.  Continuations and spin-offs are still being published today, so it’s not like there’s no new material.

However, most of what the fandom talks about and fangirls over is related to the Nancy Drew computer games, made by HerInteractive (  There are currently 27 games in the series, and the latest one came out about a month ago.  

We’re a small fandom (I think it’s around 100 people?) but we’re all very friendly.  We all just love this character who has survived for over 80 years and is still a strong role-model in modern times.

I don’t know how to explain it but it’s just wonderful.

  1. folkmagick answered: omg..
  2. nikitamaria answered: The games! And if you haven’t played one yet, you’re missing out! But the fandom’s a fine community, so feel free to ask anything. :)
  3. forsooth-verily answered: I was hooked on the video games when I had mere moments to disarm a bomb in a dressing room
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    Ah, those games were the missing link! I’m all about loving on literature, but people kept referring to characters and...
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    Well first, it’s a book series so it can definitely have a fandom. Continuations and spin-offs are still being published...
  6. right-2-left answered: ND novels (4 diff. series off the top of my head) + graphic novels + a series of comp. games + couple TV shows = Fandom for ND
  7. kokokringlesandsonnyjoon answered: Because there are 27 Nancy Drew games. They make up the bulk of the fandom.